With over 35 years of experience and our superior equipment, we are able to specialize in manufacturing machined parts with quality and precision.

We are capable of holding tolerances to within .0005 and can machine most shapes, sizes and types of materials. The most common are steels, castings, forgings, bronze, brass and aluminum.

CNC Equipment

Mazak Nexus 250 CNC Lathe w/ Mazatrol 640T Control w/Bar Feeder – 2-1/2″ Cap – 12” swing x 20″ length
Mazak Nexus 350 CNC w/ Mazatrol 640T Control – 16” swing x 40” length
Mazak Smart 250 CNC w/ Mazatrol Smart Control – 12″ swing x 20″ length
Haas VF-3 Machining Center – 40” x 20” x 20” w/ 20 Tool – Changer & 4th and 5th Axis

Conventional Lathes

LeBlond 17” x 80” Engine Lathe
Summit 19″ x 80″ Engine Lathe
Wacheon 17” x 40” Engine Lathe
Warner-Swasey 3-A Turret Lathe
Warner-Swasey 3-A Turret Lathe

Conventional Milling Machines

Comet Vertical Mill
Satoh Horizontal Mill

Drilling Machines

Ikeda 5ft. Radial Arm Drill
Clausing Pedestal Drill

Gear Cutting Equipment

72″ G&E Gear Hobber
36″ G&E Gear Hobber
24″ G&E Gear Hobber
Fellows 624A Gear Shaper
Barber-Coleman No. 3 Gear Hobber
Barber-Coleman Type “A” Gear Hobber
Barber-Coleman 16-16 Gear Hobber

Broaching Equipment

Mitts & Merrill 2” x 24” Keyseater
Morrison Keyseater
LaPointe Hydraulic Horizontal Broach
Hydraulic Press – 20 Ton Capacity w/ Hand Broaches
Drake Arbor Press – 5 Ton Capacity


Spartan PA-18 Horizontal Band Saw – 18” Cap.

Material Handling Equipment

Hyster H80C Forklift – 8,000 lb. Capacity
Hyster H60XM Forklift – 6,000 lb. Capacity
Gaffey Overhead Crane – 10,000 lb. Capacity
Gaffey Overhead Crane – 2,000 lb. Capacity

Inspection Equipment

Set Parrallels
Angle Plates
36” x 60” Granite Surface Plate
24” Height Gage
0” to 42” Outside Micrometers
2” to 32” Inside Micrometers
Dial Bore Gages
6” Vernier Calipers
8” Vernier Calipers
12” Vernier Calipers
24” Vernier Calipers
48” Vernier Calipers
60” Vernier Calipers
52 pc. Gage Block Set

General Machining Capibilites

Lath/Turning:  Max. Diameter 16″ x Max Length 40″
Milling:             Max. Length 40″ x Max Width 20″
Gearing:           Max. Diameter 72″
Keyways:          Max. Width 2″ x Max Higth 22″
Bar stock can be sawed in house up to 18″ Diameter